Munch: Edible Color Wheel

This activity is simple enough for a preschooler, but yummy enough that a preteen will gladly review the concepts covered! As a middle school art teacher, my kiddos loved the day we learned how to mix colors. It's easy, cheap, fun, and actually really good (gotta love salty and sweet at the same time!). 

All that you'll need is a plate (paper works well), a tub of white icing, a few pretzel rods, and food coloring (yellow, red, and blue). Give your child three globs of icings in the shape of a triangle (but with adequate space between each for mixing others). Then allow your kiddo to make one glob yellow, one, red, and one blue. The pretzel rods make great (and tasty) mixers.

Next, fill the empty space between each of the colors with a little bit of each of it's neighbors (a little red and blue, for example, will make a nice shade of purple). See picture above for guidance.

Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green

Yum! Satisfied Monet's-in-the-making! :)

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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

LOVE this!!! Man you come up with the best stuff - I LOVE this!!! Thank you!!! We are grocery shopping today - we might just have to give this one a try!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I agree with Courtney (above): You come up with the best stuff!

This reminds me of the b'day cake I made for my youngest last spring. She found an idea in an American Girl cookbook for an artist's palette cake...turned out super cute. Here's a link with a pic if you want to peek.

Bev said...

Love this idea - bet most art teachers would too!


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