Make/Move: Shaving Cream "Spelling"

I used to do this with my 5th graders the day before a Spelling Test. It's easy, cheap, really fun, and did a great job cleaning off the tops of grimy school desks! :)

Begin by lathering some shaving cream (foam is better than gel) all over a surface (we used a light, portable serving tray). Start slow, by letting your kiddo use paintbrushes, or their fingers, to create drawings and designs in the fun, squishy medium. Then, be creative! Preschoolers can work on numbers or letters. Elementary kids can play a game of hangman with sight words. Tweens can refresh their memory on how to multiply and divide fractions...actually, I could use a quick refresher on those as well!

What ideas come to your mind??


Bev said...

So I'm hoping that photo is icing on the cake, rather than shaving cream... I still love the idea of letting them play with colored shaving cream in the bathtub - especially in the middle of hot summer. So you could stick them in the tub, cover the bathroom wall and they'd get clean and do some lessons at the same time - or maybe give them a cake and a tub of coolwhip. Do the same thing, except feed them while they're learning.

FunMom said...

I agree...icing on a cake does sound really fun! The photo I included was us using shaving cream on a serving tray...not on a cake! Ha! :)

Valerie said...

What a great idea for a blog! I have just found you through Courtney's blog and I have linked to you. Thanks for all the great and FUN ideas. I feel I'm an un-fun mom most of the time!

Bev said...

Good grief - of course it's a tray with shaving cream. I swear I thought it was a cake..... and that's WITH glasses on! A cake would be fun, let them write, then let them eat!

Toni said...

We do our shaving cream in a large freezer bag. The key is to get out all the air before sealing all the way. My littles also like tracing alphabet letters cut out of sand paper (or, for scrapbooking/cardmaking moms, you can use texture plates to add texture to cardstock letters.)


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