Move: Window Clings

It's that time of year again when stores are no longer stocking their shelves with fun, summer toys and games, and the plethora of  "back-to-school" supplies are in sight. As a kid this would always make me cringe, but once I became a teacher it almost felt like Christmas. I no longer have a classroom to decorate, but I still love looking through all of the teaching supplies and decorations this time of year (really, at any time of year!). 

Last week at the Dollar Store, I came across adorable window clings. My daughter has just gotten into the world of stickers, and I thought these would be a great activity for her. She LOVES them! I bought two sets. One with animals that had the spelling of the words below, and another that was numbered from 1-10, and had pictures of different objects for counting. 

Here are a few reasons that I love window clings: 
1.) They are larger than a regular sticker, and therefore are easier for little hands to manage and manipulate.
2.) They are reusable...It doesn't matter if my little girl crumples them in a ball and puts them in her mouth (because she does that at times). They still stick!! 
3.) They stick to our sliding glass door in our kitchen so it is an easy, mess-free activity for her to do while I work in the kitchen. 

When I use them with my toddler we play hide and seek..."can you find the bird, where is the cat?" Other times I will point to the animal and ask her what sound the animal makes. With the number set we practice counting objects and identifying the different pictures. For two dollars I definitely got my money's worth!

What would you do with window clings?


Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

This is a fun idea! I always walk right past those - I'm not sure my husband would like them too much on the house lol! But truly they might just be a fun back to school surprise that they can put on our school room window! Thanks!

Bev said...

What did we do before the Dollar Store. We've bought the clings before to send with Easter, Christmas and Halloween packages that are sent across the country and our grankids love them. Another tip for moms with kids going away to college - hit the $ store - it's the perfect place to buy snacks and fun things to send in those first Care packages after your freshman leaves home.

Our Family said...

We love window clings at our house too! So fun!

Toni said...

It's like a giant Colorforms game! Great idea to use the window clings to teach.

Josh Healy said...

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