Manage: Library Bin

I hate to lose things...especially when it costs me money!
Here's why I like this system for keeping track of library books:

* This particular bin is easy to find (Walmart). It's also very affordable (about $4.50 each). 

* My little boy can easily see and access all of his new books. This was my greatest frustration with previously using a library bag, satchel, or backpack.  

* The bin stores easily (it's designed to fit on a bookshelf), and is convenient for carrying around the house or library. 

Best of all...The window in the bin allows me to keep track of what we've checked out and when they're due back. I use index cards cut to 2"x3". I also keep extra cards behind the one I'm using. Works great for us! 

Would this work for you? Do you have a different system? Please share!


Bev said...

Great idea, again! I can still use this with my library habit.

Anonymous said...

Currently, I'm using an "Envitote"- basically a tote with a shoulder strap so I can take it to the library, fill it with books, and leave them in it so all the kids can find them. We get a printed receipt listing all the books and their due date. That either stays in the tote along with the books, or if I'm really organized, I remember to clip it to the fridge! :-)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I agree that tote bags don't let kids "see" the books they have. Personally, I would love a big Longaberger basket for my library books, but I think I love the price tag on your bin much better!

Tiffany said...

Love the idea!

Sarah said...

We just have a huge basket in the great room for our books. Our library prints out a receipt listing all books, too, so that helps. We don't have library fines at all, so I'm always late--on the other hand, our old library did, and I was always late then, too! :)

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

This is a great idea! I use a tote bag now too and it is ugly sitting around! I need to get something cuter for our books! Thanks for this tip!


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