Move: I Spy Cookie Sheet

Here are a few ideas of things you can do with an old, beat up cookie sheet and a set of cheap magnetic numbers. I'll get us started, and then y'all take it away! :)

1. Play I Spy: I Spy with my little eye....a 7.

2. Manipulative Magnetic Math: Move around numbers to solve math problems. Great for kinesthetic learners.

3. Personification Number Problems: Once upon a time there was a happy, yellow number who looked like a snowman...

4. Who Done It?: Give a total, and see who's responsible for making it (Example could be "45"...guilty parties could be a 9 and a 5). Try addition through division for older kids.

5. Luck of the Draw: Pick an action card (blink, clap, hop on one leg, etc). Then close eyes and pick up a number. Do the specified action that number of times. 

Your turn! What would you do with this resource?  


Toni said...

Can't think of any other ideas, but those are great suggestions for sure.
p.s. Brandon got his paper cutting book and LOVES it (and it helps that he's the most "gifted" of my four with a pair of scissors, lol, something I discovered with this.)

Bev said...

I do just about anything BUT bake cookies in august! Veey cute idea. I think I can do this with my Texas sheet cake pan.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

We've used rectangular cookie sheets on long road trips as a surface for coloring (the lip keeps crayons from rolling around too much) and as magnet surface. Also great for Matchbox cars when in the car as well!

I like your mom's suggestion of using them for anything but baking during this HOT month!


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