Munch: Snow Ice Cream

This is what we woke up to yesterday. It might just be the last big snow of the year (I hope so!), so we decided not to let it go to waste. But, to enjoy this fresh powder, we didn't pull out our gloves and hats. Instead...

we got out these ingredients!

1 Gallon fresh-fallen snow
1 Cup White Sugar
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
2 Cups Milk
(We added strawberries)

Blend and mix! 

Enjoy and STAY WARM! :)

Munch: Indoor Smores

Smores are WAY too yummy (and easy to make) to only enjoy when it's nice outside. If you've got a wood-burning fireplace (thankfully we do!!), then you can enjoy some INDOOR SMORES!

Make: Bagel for Birds

This is an easy activity to do with your kids, and one that you (and your feathery friends) will feel good about! 


1/2 of a bagel
Peanut butter or honey

Make: Heart Art

At least once a week I try to do a crafty little project with Landon. Paint is definitely his favorite medium...I'm sure you're surprised. :) If you're brave enough to pop those acrylic caps, here's a fun way to decorate your house with genuine love this Valentines Day.

Step 1:
Let your child paint a large piece of paper. We used red, brown, and white.The great thing about this project is there are no "lines" to stay inside of, or particular shapes or outlines to create. Just let your little one enjoy covering the paper with color!

Helpful hint: Paper Plates make great paint trays (in a home or in a classroom).

Step 2:
Trace various sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters all over your child's painting. If your child is old enough, he or she can do this step too. The more mixed colors, the better!

Step 3:
Cut out the hearts and find fun ways to display them around your house! Here's my favorite way to show off Landon's love-ly art!

Make: Peek-a-boo Groundhog

Happy Groundhog Day! 

We Pennsylvanians are partial to good ol' Phil every February 2nd (did you know he's a Steeler fan?!), but this morning we had an extra bit of love for him. No shadow! Hooray! We're ready for Spring.

No matter where you're from though, this holiday is a great opportunity to teach your kids a few things about history, animals, science and weather. Here are some fun ideas.

1. Make! Landon created this adorable little Peek-a-boo Groundhog at preschool today. Very easy, and super cute! 

Make a cute, little brown blob on a stick...otherwise known as a groundhog. :)

Cover a styrofoam cup in some nice green grass (or leave it white to represent snow...much more authentic, actually).

Poke Phil's stick through the bottom of the cup. Play peek-a-boo as you push him up and down.

2. Sing! Most children learn through song. Try this one. 

"I'm a Little Groundhog" 
(to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a little Groundhog,
fat and brown.
Popping up, 
above the ground. 
I sure hope my shadow, 
doesn't show.
'Cause if it does, 
we'll have more snow.

by Diane Thorn

3. Watch! This video is just right for little ones, and very informative. Even I learned a few new things about dear Phil. Helpful hint...let it buffer for a few minutes while you round up the kiddos. 

Welcome Spring!! Thanks, Phil! :)


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