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When Landon was a baby, his schedule was somewhat sacred. We stuck to it to the point that friends probably whispered behind our backs...and though it worked well for us at the time, looking back, I can't say that I blame them. As he's gotten older though, and as we've all settled into "summer mode," our day-to-day happenings have become a bit too flexible. I decided that a happy medium would do us all some good, especially with fall and preschool approaching, but knew that I needed an accountability partner to keep me on track (I've mentioned before that I tend to have time-management issues...). After looking high and low, I realized that a certain little man (who, at the moment was dressed in pirate gear and playing with legos), was probably my best, and let's face it, only bet for the role. I looked him up and down for a moment or two, wondering how to make this partnership work. I pondered deeply what might entice a three-year-old towards responsibility, and came up with this....his own giant "watch," as he calls it, something that he an manipulate, bright colors, and pictures of himself. Add in a huge heap of "you're-such-a-big-boy-to-help-your-Mama-know-what-to-do-next-today," and we sealed the deal.
So, my current accountability partner is a preschooler.
And, even's working!!

Our (Semi-Flexible) Schedule:

9:00ish- Breakfast, Morning Show
10:00ish- Chores
10:30ish- Play
12:30ish- Lunch
1:30ish- Quiet Time
2:30ish- Nap
4:00ish- Special Time with Mama :)
5:00ish- Daddy's home!
6:00ish- Dinner Time
7:30ish- Bath Time
8:30ish- Bedtime

How to Make the Clock:
*Supplies highlighted*

1. I used a paper plate to trace a circle onto a cheap, thin, flexible cutting board.
2. I used colored Sharpie Markers to draw numbers on the clock.
3. I added tiny pictures of the things Landon does at different points in the day (I just cut, pasted, and printed these off in a Word Document).
4. I used a tiny piece of extra cutting board material to make the spinner (see above), and colored it in with a black Sharpie. I then poked a hole in the spinner and the center of the clock, and attached it with a standard brad
5. To keep the pictures in good shape, I covered the whole surface with a couple layers of Modge Podge (you could also just paint it with Elmers glue). 

Question for you...Do you stick to a schedule or routine? 
If so, how do you do it?


Bev said...

Schedules have been my friend for years - life just works better with them, but it's easy to go too black and white either direction. Either too rigid or none at all; Life seasons change and so does the scheduling that fits that season. I've just gotten back on a schedule after moving across the country four months ago, and with a retired husband I've set up days that hold certain activities. If we, on a whim, decide to take a day off to explore or play I can switch out that day with another. I've also left half a day open each day for whatever comes up because something always does, or something takes longer than I thought it would. We both plan to start volunteering at our church soon, so that'll get put in the mix too. Love the idea of having an accountability partner and that he's a toddler!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Oh yes, I am a bit of a schedule nut! My babies slept on a schedule and since then I've always had a schedule that is fluid changing with the seasons and leaving room for growth.

I just finished writing up our fall schedule and today is day 1 of testing it out! I was up at 5am to exercise, read my Bible, and post my blog - ugh! But it did feel good to have that all done before breakfast!!!

Here's my old homeschooling daily schedule from last year:

I'll be posting this new one soon once I live it and tweak it.

I also have a cleaning schedule I'll share real fast - it's fun:
Mondays - Menu and Market (we grocery shopped today!)
Tuesdays - Toilet, Tubs and Towels
Wednesdays - Wash (laundry all day)
Thursdays - Dust
Fridays - Floors

Love it!

Sarah said...

This is super cute, Les! Mine isn't nearly as creative (shocking, I know), but it's all ready for fall, and I'm excited to get it started. Right after vacation, of course . . .

Bev said...

I'm back and loving Courtney's schedule - love the acronym thing going on with the names of the days - makes it super easy to remember.

Toni said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. As you pointed out, accountability is built right in. And the kids learn about routine as well. Now, how to adapt this for an 11yo, 8yo, 7yo, and 3yo, 3 of whom are on a homeschool schedule with mom, and one whom will attend preschool in the fall? Hmmm.... ;)


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