Mid-Week Laugh: Dirty Mouth Vacation

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"Dirty Mouth Vacation"

Our oldest daughter and her family had just returned from a week's vacation out of state. It involved miles and miles of traveling in the car, and time spent in a hotel. We were at the dining room table with our three grandkids, getting the play-by-play of the vacation, with each kid adding to the conversation as it went along.
Four-year-old Addie told us all about her imaginary friend. Caiden, who's just about to turn nine-years-old, shared how much he had enjoyed riding a horse, alone, for the very first time. Then almost six-year-old Grayson piped in, "Did you hear about the 'F' word?"
The conversation came to a standstill. Grayson's Papa very calmly said, "No. What happened?"
Grayson looked at both of us, with big, beautiful, blue eyes, and said with a very serious face, "I frowed up."


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, that's so funny! I was sorta holding my breath there for a minute though. My kids came home from a party once and reported that their friend Gracie used the "S" AND the "D" word. We probed a little and discovered she said "stupid" and "dumb". Ha. Makes me sad that they're no longer as innocent. They know that there are "d" and "s" words that aren't so tame.

Nancy said...

I love hearing about your family, Bev. Can't wait to be a grandma!!

Kelly said...

That is precious! I'm sure this will be a longstanding favorite family story!

Becky said...

And that was dirty indeed! Funny hysterical too. I remember once a 3rd grader in my class came to me to say that a classmate had used "the S word". I asked her to whisper in my ear what it was, and she reluctantly told me "stupid! of course". Of course! I love the gentle innocence of childhood.

Vickie said...

I will never forget at dinner one night after a our six year old daughter's first ride on the school bus hearing her say "So and So said the F word today". We were mortified. I calmly with my heart beating so hard in my chest asked her to come tell me what the word was that she heard....she spelled it out for all of us to hear...F.A.R.T! Oh my goodness I will never forget that as long as I live. It was so funny and we all felt a great sense of relief!

I love what you always have to say Bev. You will be a wonderful encouragement here!

Sarah said...

I'm sure he will be able to provide you with many opportunities for posts--would you like to borrow him for a week or so? ;)

Toni said...

Oh goodness, that was soooo funny! :D I can soooo see all the faces going stark white, breath held, as the adults waited to hear what he meant.

Bev said...

Well, I don't know about a week, but a couple of days? Absotootly (as Landon would say) - bound to make us laugh more times than we can count, and bring on good sleep every night too!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning!!!


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