Mid-Week Laugh: Add Yogurt

A couple of years ago Landon and I decided to make these yummy frozen treats. He was new to the "little kitchen helper" role, so I walked him through the steps. He helped me get out the strawberries...measure the lemonade....set the ice aside in a cup...all without a glitch! So, when it was time to "go ahead and add the yogurt now, honey," I was surprised, and tickled, to see this: 

For some "literal fun," with sayings, phrases, and homophones, check out Amelia Bedelia books (anybody else have very fond memories of these books?). If your kids are old enough, they can draw some silly illustrations of their own...they might just knock your socks off!! Hee Hee. :)


Bev said...

Oh this made me giggle. Love how little people think and will have fun with this running through my head today.

Nicole said...

I. Love those books too!! I actually used some of those at the beginning of kindergarten with my kids to review cutting!! Landon' comment was too cute!

garyswife96 said...

Thanks for sharing this!!!
My lil "Amelia" is a bit older now. But we LOVED those books and have affectionately nicknamed our middle child "Amelia" for things very similiar to what your lil guy has done with the yogart :).
At 12 she's still our "Amelia" he he he. She's a very obedient child and will do EXACTLY what you ask her to :) We have to BE CAREFUL how we tell her to do things.

FunMom said...

Garyswife96- thanks for your comment! It made me laugh! I bet that your sweet girl keeps y'all laughing too! Amelia...too cute!! :)


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