A Pirate's Map for Me...and You!

I live in Pennsylvania. My nieces and nephews live in Texas. It's a little too far to attend birthday parties, so I made a decision a couple of years ago to send really fun, unique gifts to them by mail. This year I sent Grayson a pirate themed present. First, I raided the local party supply store for hats, eye patches, bandannas, and gold coins. My own little boy, by the way, thinks that this store must be what Heaven will look like someday. If you've got nothing to do this weekend...take your toddler to Party City. They'll be busy for an hour, easy, and taking home the item that they just cannot seem to part withwill probably cost you less than five bucks! Back to Grayson though....

So, I had all the"loot," but wanted to make him something special to add to the package. I then decided to raid my own basement (you never know what you'll find down there), and came back up with a broken window shade and some craft paints. A couple of fun-filled hours later (I do realize that not everyone would think this was fun, but I did!), I had a one-of-a-kind pirate treasure map. It was bright, glittery, and had a snappy roll to it (highly recommend the window shade idea), but something was missing. It needed an extra special personal touch.

To find this, I raided my sister's blog, which had absolutely NO helpful pictures for me at all, being that she has chronic camera/computer issues. So, I then raided my mom's blog, and found a funny little picture of Grayson with his brother and sister. I printed it out, made them into scurvy dogs, covered them with several layers of packaging tape, and added a velcro piece to their backs. A few other velcro pieces strategically placed where pirates would just have to visit, and Grayson's map was done.

Well worth the effort, for hours of happy Arrrgs!

A Simple Little Pair of Wings

A Simple Little Pair of Wings...

* will probably cost you nothing.
* will allow your little one to paint, color, and glue with no inhibitions.
* is a great opportunity to introduce your child to scissors.
* can give you quality one-on-one time with your little pickle.
* is super easy to make (see below)!
* will very likely become a precious keepsake (which you could store here).
* will allow you to end your day with that I-was-a-great-mom-today feeling.
* will provide your child with hours of entertainment...while using his imagination!
* is guaranteed to make both of you smile!

Directions for Mama: Cut out two wings (I used large scrapbooking paper). Set up a little supply station for your kiddo to decorate the wings (markers, scissors, scrap paper, stickers, glue, glitter, paint, etc). This is the best part...enjoy it! When it's gorgeous, put two holes in each wing with a hole puncher. These should be on the sides that will touch each other; one near the top of the wing, one near the bottom. Finally, thread a large piece of ribbon or string through the four holes, and tie the two ends together. This will make a large loop that your little one's arms can slip right into. Presto! Wings!

Discipline Decisions and Relieving Revelations

Entry from my Journal: 9/2/09

"Lord, I want to genuinely enjoy my little boy! And, I want for him to enjoy every day that we spend together...because they are a gift, and they just go by way too fast to spend them any other way!

Discipline is necessary. And biblical. But, I am determined that it not become my life. Because, if it does, not only am I living a very sad day-t0-day existence, but so is my little man!

So, I will balance my discipline, of course with love, but also with silliness and fun, spontaneity and laughter. Rather than correcting for 100 different things in a day, I will remind my sweet little boy, 100 times if necessary, of our 3 simple rules. Then, I will discipline him fairly, consistently, and quickly when they are not followed. So much easier...for he and I both!

Help me train him up in the way he should go, Father. He is yours, and I know that you have amazing plans for him."

Report: Almost 6 months later, this is still working so well for us! Landon's rule sheet hangs on our fridge, and we often hear him singing the little song that I wrote to help him remember what is expected of him. Conclusion: At three-years-old, three broad can-apply-to-almost-anything-he-tries-to-pull rules seem to work well!

Portable Portfolio

This one! I definitely want to keep this one!

Awww...and this one too! I have to save this one!

Solution: A simple, portable, cheap portfolio with just enough room to store a few of our favorite creations from each of his precious preschool years.

Bathtub Art: Good, Clean Fun!

Off-brand shaving cream: $3

Paper cups: $1

Food Coloring: $2

Foam Paintbrushes: $1

This Smile: Priceless

Attack of the Winterwear

I generally think of myself as a fairly organized person. The areas that can be seen in my house are always neat and tidy (though not necessarily clean). However, in my efforts to clean the seen, I tend to have to shove the stuff into hidden areas...such as closets.

February is my annual closet cleaning month. I give myself 28 days to sort, organize, and toss out what has been shoved in over the past 11 months. So far so good! I have to be honest though; the closet space is this house is seriously lacking, and for once, I'm actually kind-of happy about that!

Throughout the month I've tackled each of our bedroom closets, and have relished the long, proud 'ahhhhh' afterwards. One closet stayed closed and avoided though....until yesterday. Our hall closet seemed to be spewing winterwear. Gloves, hats, scarves, and earmuffs had formed a small, damp mountain on the shelf above the coats. Chances of finding a matching pair of gloves were slim...especially if you happened to care that they match each other, your coat, and were not half frozen. I was dreading the task...but, it is February.

So, I bought an over-the-door shoe organizer. And, viola! Why didn't I think of this before?

Winterwear, you've met your match.
Hall closet, Happy February.


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