Munch: Party for Pooch!

Well, the infamous Smokey (click here to find out why...) turned one on Thursday. So...

Landon and I made him a little cake. We used this recipe. It's puppy (and people) friendly. 

We invited over a few sweet neighbor kids, sang "Happy Birthday, Dear Smokey," and (pretended) to blow out the rawhide that we used in place of a candle.

We, of course, gave the Birthday Boy the first piece. He loved it! 

And, though eating it LIKE Smokey certainly wasn't a requirement of the partygoers, little Makaylee just couldn't help herself! :)

1 comment:

Bev said...

Only a kid would think to try to eat like a dog. Some people do it without purpose, but adorable that a little girl thought of it. And maybe now that he's all of one, he'll settle down a bit?


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