Munch: Les' Get Well Soon Soup

Cold/Flu/Just-Feel-Yucky Season has officially hit our family. Landon was so sad today to miss out on two different family and friend get-togethers due to a 100.4 temperature. I was sad too...staying home meant that I had to figure out dinner! 

I am not a recipe follower. Generally speaking, I don't really like following steps, reading instructions, or having to stick to set perimeters. But, I love to create (surprise, surprise). So, I'm happiest when I'm "inventing" my own recipes. Today seemed like a great day for something like a...Get Well Soon Soup. With a sick kiddo, there was no time for a trip to the store, so I just used things that I found in the pantry and fridge.

While I'm wholeheartedly hoping that your family feels great throughout this season, I promise this soup will hit the spot if (oh, let's face it...when) they do come down with a case of Just-Feel-Yucky. My little patient happily gobbled up three bowls!

Baby Carrots (cut into pieces)
Canned Chicken (shredded)
1 Can: Cream of Chicken Soup  
1-2 Cups of Water 
Celery (cut into pieces)
Zucchini (cut into pieces)
3 T of Basil Pesto

Make pastina. Add everything else to the pot. Heat. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.
Serve with toast and applesauce. 


Bev said...

When our kids were young I used a recipe called "Mimi's chicken soup", and with three in the house, when one got sick, it was a pretty sure bet the other two would soon. So we kept a corner of the pantry stocked with the ingredients for it. Always hit the spot, whether you were sick or not.

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious! As a Southerner, however, I have never heard of pastina--I'm assuming it's a kind of pasta, but what exactly is it??


FunMom said...

Hi, Sarah. Yes, pastina is very Italian...and very easy to find here in Pittsburgh! Sorry! :)

Here's a link that might help:

Leslie :)

Bev said...

SArah, I use detalini or more frequently orzo. Very good for a touchy tummy.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Aw, poor little guy. Hope Landon is feeling better soon.


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