Move: Visit Your Local Children's Museum

Children learn through play. So, I say, bring on the fun! 

Our local Children's Museum is wonderful...and I bet yours is too! This website will help you find a kid-friendly museum near you. Check it out...they're everywhere!

Here's a sampling of what we did at ours yesterday:

We made very colorful paper...

created a purple silk screened T-Rex...

built a box with some "real" tools...

learned about levees and dams...

and worked on some (very fun) leaky pipes. 

Learning through play...kid-tested, mother approved!


Bev said...

when I was pretty young my mother took the time to take me to the Museum of Natural History, over and over. those visits instilled in me a love for learning, and history in particular. We have so few years to be the primary shaper in their lives. And look at those determined faces, taking it all in!

Toni said...

We have a membership to ours. We're blessed to have what is considered by many to be the best in the country. It's incredible. If you're ever in Indy, you MUST go. ;)

The King Tut traveling exhibit was there last year. Long story as to how it ended up there, but we so enjoyed taking the kids to see the Tut artifacts.


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