Make: "Box" Car Train

No craft supplies on hand? No problem! For some spontaneous fun, help your little one make a box car train. Ours was free, and only took a few minutes to assemble. 

toilet paper roll
scissors or exacto knife
hole punch

1. Find several boxes of similar size. 

2. Pick two boxes to be the engine (make sure one fits inside the other). Trace and cut out a hole for a smokestack (toilet paper roll).  

3. Add the smokestack, and push one box inside the other. 

4. Cut off the "windshield" (so that a conductor can fit in there), and then fold and tape the flap to the front of the engine. 

5. Use a hole punch and string to tie the boxes to each other. 

6. Decorate (we used crayons and markers) and fill with fun! 

Choo Choo! 


Bev said...

I love any idea that uses 'stuff' from around the house, and a kid's imagination. Fun idea!

Toni said...

Brandon would LOVE this. The only problem is, I throw out all boxes immediately. Guess I'll have to watch for some at the grocers or at Aldi.

Anonymous said...

I can use this on a rainy or snowy day. Plenty of those coming up.


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