Make: Fall Flyers

My absolute favorite place to decorate in my house is above my kitchen sink. There's something about adding a punch of personality where it's least expected that appeals to me, and it's a great place to show off some of my little guy's artwork. Here's how I decorate it for FALL:

1. Draw Fall shapes (such as leaves, apples, or pumpkins) on four pieces of construction paper. Don't worry..."abstract" will work for this project! Make sure to leave a couple extra inches at the top of each one for hanging purposes. 

2. Outline each shape with a thin line of glue. 

3. Allow your kids to "hide the glue line" with multi-colored dried beans and/or corn kernels. If you have several kids, perhaps each one can do a flyer. Remember to join in the fun yourself though too, and create right along with your kids! Have each artist sign and date their work.

4. Once dry, hang the Fall Flyers up by folding the top few inches over a strung line. You may want to tape the folded flap to the back of the artwork to secure it. 

This keepsake will be a great conversation piece with guests, a reminder of warm memories, an endearing decoration for years to come, and a great show-and-tell opportunity for proud little ones

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Bev said...

I love that you can just leave the string all year, and decorate for the holidays and seasons. This would be a great place to display birthday cards too!


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