Motivate: Lunches PACKED with Love

Ten Ways to Send a Little Lunchtime Love:

1. Include a short love note or written pep talk. 

2. Pack a present...Wrap up a fun set of pencils or erasers. Don't forget squiggly ribbon!

3. Substitute traditional (jelly) for terrific (Fluff, Nutella, or honey).

4. Include a homemade ticket for an after school activity the two of you can do together (such as a trip to the local bowling alley). 

5. Toss in an extra dollar for ice cream.  

6. Cut sandwiches into fun shapes (hearts, dinosaurs, stars, happy faces, etc). 

7. Pack an extra special sweet treat.

8. Pack an extra special sweet treat for all of your kid's lunchtime friends. 

9. Tuck a funny comic strip inside the napkin.

10. Tape the note, "Look to your right," inside your kiddo's empty lunchbox. Then, be standing across the cafeteria with a McDonald's bag in your hands. 

11. You're turn! Please share!


Bev said...

So cute. I had a friend who inspired me to always pack lunches with love and my husband told me, often, that his lunch was sometimes the highlight of his day, so maybe kids and husbands too?

FunMom said...

HA! Of course! A fun wife...that's gotta be implied somewhere in Proverbs 31, right? :)

Dan and Janae said...

After reading this I KNOW KNOW KNOW you will love your birthday present--yes its only 3.5 months late--but I KNOW you will love it!

Toni said...

Since I homeschool, I'm thinking along the lines of fun wife as well. ;)

But for Fun MOM, kids always love those little lemon scented wipes in the square tear away package. It might be fun for them to find one in their lunchbox, especially if they have to eat a messy or sticky item like an orange.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sometimes I'll stick a photo of the dog or a funny photo of them in their box to make them smile. And sometimes instead of a note, I'll draw a picture on the ziploc that their sandwich is in! My BEST tip though is to switch things up and have their DAD write them a note or draw them a picture. They *love* that!

Liz Debowski said...

This is soo sweet!! :) I LOVE all of these fun ideas!!


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