Manage: A Leash for Lovey

It's bedtime. 
Do you know where your child's lovey is?

Anyone who has suffered from Missing Lovey Syndrome will wholeheartedly testify that it is a very serious condition. At it's onset, it generally causes great distress, much panic, and quite a bit of crying (this can be contagious...beware, Mom). These symptoms are usually followed by hours of searching, sleepless nights, and therefore, very often, unsightly dark under-eye circles. Never fear though! There is a "vaccine" to prevent this awful ailment....a Lovey Leash!! The one pictured above was actually intended for child/mom use (I believe from Babies-R-Us); we just trimmed it to make it suitable for lovey/lover purposes. 


Bev said...
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Bev said...

We have spent hours in the dark, in the back yard, looking for a certain stuffed green dragon. Great idea!


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