Make: My Very Own Dry Erase Board

I know. It's kind-of a strange picture. BUT it's a really fun tool-turned-toy. Stick with me. 

Several days ago I was digging through some of my old teacher boxes, and came across my full classroom set of personal dry erase boards. I had forgotten about them, but remembered in an instant how much my students had enjoyed them over the years! Sure, we used them for solving math problems and practicing spelling words, but each child had a board of their very own, and was allowed to "play" on it in their free time. They loved them...and they were ten and eleven years old! 

That afternoon I pulled a couple of boards out for Landon and I's Special Time, and sure enough, he was captivated too! He actually entertained himself with it while I was making dinner that night...nice little added bonus there!

To make your "Very Own Dry Erase Board":

1. Buy a panel of Shower Board from your local hardware store (such as Home Depot). It should cost you less than $10. Have an employee cut it for you...12"x12" squares work well for personal use. You will be able to get quite a few pieces out of one panel...probably enough for each of your children to have their own boards, and a large one for you to use somewhere fun in your home (be own funmom, Bev, hung a huge piece of Shower Board on one of our playrooom walls when I was a kid...we LOVED it!). 

2. Find a fun sock (my moose ones are legendary in our family) to use as a "handy" eraser and as practical storage for the markers.

3. Let the creativity begin. I bet you'll be amazed how long this keeps your kiddos entertained...and how many fun uses they find for their Very Own Dry Erase Board. 


Bev said...

I'd forgotten but we had DAd hang up an entire sheet of this in the basement. that's where we held the infamous 'why buy a trampoline' meeting! You guys played with this on so many rainy and snowy afternoons. I should get some of these for when the grandkids are here to play.

MommaRu said...
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MommaRu said...

My kiddos loves these, as well. I am kind of a freak about markers that don't come off clothes. Especially, with Makaylee's love for tatooing herself, so I was really excited to find washable dry erase markers.


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