The Picky-Eater-Dipping-Party

I'm blessed. My little boy will eat, don't hate me for this, just about anything that I put in front of him. I give credit to a pediatrician who encouraged me to basically skip the baby-food-stage, and instead just begin giving Landon small bites of whatever I had fixed for dinner. Maybe he would have been a great eater either way.
Who knows.
What I do know, however, is that very few of my friends have been so lucky when it comes to feeding their children. If you count yourself among those that dread the dining hours of the day, this may work for you. To be honest, I usually just resort to a "dipping party" meal, such as the one pictured above, simply because I am perpetually late, and it saves me 2.83 seconds if I don't have to actually put the peanut butter (or jelly) onto a piece of bread. It may be a bit pathetic, but my little boy certainly isn't complaining. In fact, he loves dipping party lunches. His favorite combo is what we coined the "muddy bear" (Cinnamon Teddy Graham dipped in peanut butter and raisins).

Here's to happier meals...feel free to insert your own, resounding, "Amen!"

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