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On Top of Spaghetti

Yes. This post was supposed to be entitled "Sticky Gloves." And, we did try to play catch with traditional velcro sticky gloves, but, as is often the case in my motherhood experience, it just didn't go quite as planned.

First, the tennis ball was a bit heavy when it hit my little boy's velcro glove, and therefore kept sending his sweet little arms somewhat flailing backwards. Second, the only way that he could actually catch the ball was if he turned his glove flat, sort-of like a plate. But, he kept forgetting to do this, and so we chased the ball. A lot.

So...time to improvise.

Step 1:

I raided my craft room. Which, for the record, is actually just a corner of my creepy basement that is way too close to the need to be jealous. I promise. Anyway, here's what I was able to dig up:

The Velcro Gloves (2)



A ping pong ball

Small velcro pieces

White string

Step 2:

I painted the Velcro glove. After the "sauce" dried I painted the "plate" and some "noodles".

Hint: Red and brown together make a very appetizing tomato sauce color. :)

Step 3:

Little hands did a great job of transforming a ping pong ball into a meatball. After this has dried, add the small pieces of velcro (opposite of what's on the glove) to the ball.

Hint: Mix brown, red, and a tinge of black to get a meaty color. Have you ever painted something to look like meat before?!? I'll admit it. I'm a firsttimer...

Step 4:

Landon loved adding the string (noodles, of course!) to the spaghetti bowls. They actually stick really well to the velcro glove, and make it much more fun, don't you think?

Step 5:

Since we were in the mood, we read this before bed tonight. Landon's idea. If you've never seen this version, it's wonderful! It has flaps to fold, tabs to pull, and even plays the childhood song.

Step 6:

We're going to give "Sticky Gloves" another try tomorrow. But, we're going to change the name to "On Top of Spaghetti", and see if that little boy doesn't have better luck catching homemade meatballs! If not, at least we had fun making 'em! :)

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