Make: Conversation Memory Coasters

Super cheap. Very cute.

But, best of all...this little project
brought back great memories,
and made for precious conversation.

Step 1: Compile some of your favorite family photos on a Word document.

Step 2: Print the document. I chose to print in grayscale for a more neutral look.

Step 3: Cut your document into individual pictures.

Step 4: Find "coasters". I found these ($0.75/ea) at Walmart. They're actually to put below a very small potted plant (found in outdoor/garden section).

Step 5: Mix a small amount of brown paint with Mod Podge. Paint surface of coaster. Your little one can help with this, but will be sticky!

Step 6: Kiddo can help apply pictures to sticky coaster. My little guy and I had fun talking about them as we applied them ("Remember when Daddy caught this big fish?" or "Look, honey, there's Smokey as a little puppy!").

Step 7: Apply a thin layer of the brown-mixed Mod Podge to the top of each decorated coaster.

Step 8: Let the Mod Podge dry. Repeat another layer if corners are sticking up.

Step 9: Turn coasters over and cut off stray ends (I used an X-ACTO Knife).

Step 10: Display! Your little one is going to be so proud when his/her artwork is the topic of conversation. Apparently memory coasters get everyone talking! :)

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