Kid Tested, Mother Approved...Paint!!

Let's face it. Paint and preschoolers don't always mix. Or maybe that's the problem...they mix TOO much! I have plenty of friends with paint-phobia, and it's a legitimate, real issue. But, your preschooler probably thinks that paint is even better than play-doh. What to do?!?!

Enter these!!! Landon's Aunt Poppy gave him these for his birthday last year, and we LOVE them. I know. I said WE....on purpose! These paint bottles "are little hand friendly and the applicators won't leak or drip (from website)." So, unlike some other bingo-type paints that we've tried, these really don't dispense any color until you're little one's paper is ready to be turned into a masterpiece. They are may want to sit down for this one..."non-toxic, washable, and won't stain clothes."

So, paint-phoic mamas, you can cross one fear off your list.
We'll tackle paper-mache some other day (like as soon as I'm brave enough to try it...).


Bev said...

Snaps for Aunt Poppy! And don't you remember the Wilbur the Pig head we made for Dan's Halloween costume, out of paper mache? Such fun, I'd say go for it!

My Purpose: said...

I totally remember the pig costume! I'll tackle paper mache...someday. :)


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