Flying Coffee Filter Butterflies

Of all of the springtime crafts that Landon and I have done recently, this one has been his favorite! I asked him why he loved this particular "special time" project so much.
Here were his answers:

1. He got to use markers.
Not crayons. Not colored pencils. He got to use his elusive, generally forbidden markers. Good start to any project, as far as Landon is concerned. Wet wipes were on hand...literally.

2. He got to use a spray bottle.
This reminded him of his water guns, but even better than those, this particular device allowed him to spray water inside the house! Wow! How much better does life really get when you're three-years-old?!?

3. The butterflies actually fly!
He thought that they were pretty when they were just hanging still. He thinks that they're AMAZING when they're flying over him during his afternoon nap.

Here's how your little one can make his or her own flying butterflies:

Step 1: Use markers to color a white coffee filter. Push down hard!

Step 2: Stand back and lightly spray the coffee filter with water. Not too much...the color will fade if too much water is used. You just want the colors to bleed into each other.

Step 3: After the coffee filter has dried, pinch the middle and clip it with a clothespin.

Step 4: Tie a fairly long piece of fishing line (ours are about 18 inches each) to each clothespin. Then, using a small piece of tape, secure the other end of the line to a fan blade (near the outside, just to be safe). Finally, turn the fan on low, and enjoy!

Happy Spring!

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