Manage: Raincoat in a Pinch

Yep. It's a trash bag (turned upside with three small holes cut into it).  Great for those summer thunderstorms that you didn't see coming. They happen a lot here in Pennsylvania!

Do you have any easy-peasy practical tips? 
Please share!


Toni said...

We save our yogurt and baby food containers and use them for many things. Some are handwashed and used to serve grapes in. Others are set aside for water to rinse our crafting paint brushes in. They're very versatile.

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Hi! this is my first visit to your cute blog--love the raincoat idea. Much more practical than what I did. I bought the cutest raincoat on clearance at Nordstroms for my youngest daughter...she never wore it. I bet she would wear a trashbag though :)

Bev said...

Hey, we saw this idea used every time we'd go to a concert in PA, because it always, always rained when we had concert lawn tickets! Love the rain hat too!

Sarah said...

Keep all the extra straws, spoons, and napkins you get from Wendy's and store them in your car console--I always end up getting shorted one, and then I have a backup!

FunMom said...

These are great ideas, ladies! Thanks! Keep em coming! We need one another! :)


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