Make/Move: Sidewalk City

Get down and dirty with your kiddo and create 
a Sidewalk City! 

Our city includes (just in case you can't tell...) a church, a fire station, an airport (to go see Grammy and Papa), a few houses, a park, a gas station, and, of course, a McDonald's. Just the necessities...

This activity will keep your little one busy for quite a while! It's fun to create the city together, but it can spark hours of entertainment afterwards as well (especially if you pull out cars, figurines, plastic people, etc.). I've also found that this activity is fun for a very wide range of ages. I drew a Sidewalk City with my 5 and 8-old-year nephews a month or so ago, and it was REALLY impressive and over-the-top creative! That city had a dinosaur museum, a giant waterslide, and helicopter pad. See what your kids include in their'll probably make you both smile! :)

To make homemade sidewalk chalk click here.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Fun, easy, inexpensive, and CREATIVE. I love it. You have such great ideas!

Bev said...

I was sad when the last remnants of that city were washed away by rain. It made me smile to have all those chalk marks on our driveway after you all pulled away. This is an absolutely fantastic idea - not just drawing with chalk, which occupies some time and lets them be creative, but it creates something they can play with afterwards - love, love it!

FunMom said...

Thanks, Meredith and Mom! Thanks to a rare 3-day-sunny-streak predicted here in PA, we may be playing with it this afternoon as well! :)

stephanie @ Simple Things said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog today - how fun that you are related to Sarah. She doesn't know who I am, but I sure love her blog. I need to spend some time exploring yours as well, obviously. I see some great ideas here! : )


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