Tuesday Tip: Cleaning Crocs

Summer finds every family member in our house pulling out their Crocs. We love 'em! They go on fast, they're durable, they match most anything we wear in warm weather, and they're comfy. The ONLY problem that I have found with these beloved kicks is the dirty, smelly, even dare I say slimy, film that they harbor, and then transfer onto feet (especially little ones). Does anyone else have this problem...or are we just particularly dirty?!?!?

Anyway...my Tuesday Tip: The Dishwasher! Line those crocs up on the top shelf. They'll come out good as new, guaranteed. And ready for more fun in the sun!

Unfortunately, those piggy little feet still have to be handwashed.


Bev said...

my sister taught me this one, but she puts flip flops in hers (which works great too BTW). They not only get clean this way, they come out smelling good.

MommaRu said...

thanks for this helpful tip.


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