Move: Sprinkler Fun

This is a great sprinkler!! 
I bought it at Walmart (Little Tykes Sprinkler Ball), and though it was $17.99 originally, it was marked down quite a bit. I'm thinking I only paid around 10 bucks for it.

It's a chore to blow up (it's big...88" around!), but so worth the work! There are four spray heads (one on top, three around), so everyone can have fun at the same time! Great for siblings or playdates! You also have the option of keeping the ball stationary, by adding some water to the inside of it, or allowing it to move with your little ones. They can kick it all around the yard...and burn off a A LOT of energy! :)

We're going to leave ours blown up for the rest of the season, so that it's easy to pull out and play, but come the end of August we'll simply let the air out and store it in a nice, tiny, little corner of the shed. Ahhh...I wish that I could say that of our baby pool.

If you haven't bought one yet, this is a great sprinkler!

What's the best summer fun toy you've bought this year?


Sarah said...

This is a great sprinkler! My three would love this!! So would my dogs, unfortunately :)

Bev said...

The baby pool - the rigid sided baby pool that your parents may have given you because they had nowhere to store it. Sorry about that. Feel free to bless someone else with it and buy one of those blow up super fun ones they have out now. This gadget sounds like a blast - we may need it at the lake!


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