Move: No-Fuss Sandbox

I like things neat. But, I like my little boy to have fun. Sometimes these two ideas, though both noble, don't exactly mesh with one another. Like, typically, when sand is involved. 

I bought a "small" bag of play sand for $4.99 (I couldn't believe how cheap it was!) at our local hardware store to do permanent sandcastles. We only needed 1 cup of it though. What to do with the remaining 59 1/2 didn't take my little guy very long to come up with an idea!

So, I got guilted into a sandbox. But, I have to say that I'm actually pretty happy with it.  First, Landon and I went on a "special mission" to find toys that would LOVE to permanently move to the sandbox (once a sand toy, always a sand toy). Next, I searched my ever treasure-producing basement, and came up with a large, low storage bin on wheels. Works great! It keeps the fun looking fairly neat and tidy when not in use on our back porch. But, so far, it's been in use most of the time. 
Time to get out the broom...

Happy boy. Happy Mama. 
Everyone wins! :)


Bev said...

I LOVE, LOVE this idea. I wanted to have a sandbox at the lake for the grandkids but knew the feral cats around here would get into it. This will absolutely work, the cats won't be able to get to it and it shouldn't bug Papa who tends to want a totally neat yard - GREAT idea!

FunMom said...

Hooray! Glad it will work for ya! I know of ONE grandkid for sure that will LOVE it...

Liz said...

I did this but with a smaller storage bin...kind of like a sandtable..not a fan of Grace sitting it the sand..:) LOVE this site, Les!! What a blessing it is to us!! :)


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