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Playing with your kids is all about connection, and nothing sparks that like conversation. This activity is great for all ages, and can be used in a lot of different ways. Basically, you just pick a theme (see below) based on the ages and nature of your kids and then write applicable "questions" on the ball. Next, just toss the ball back and forth and take turns "answering" whatever touches, say, your right thumb. I used this as a fun review tool before tests as a teacher. Even reluctant-to-share-preteens thought this was great! Add water and some silliness, and you're sure to get everyone talking...and laughing! 

Here's a few themes (off the top of my head) to get you started. Anyone else have any other ideas? 

* Would You Rather?
Example: Would you rather EAT A WORM (right thumb) or WALK A TIGHTROPE (left thumb)?

* ABCs
Example: Your thumb is on a T! Can to think of anything that starts with a T?

* Solve the Mystery
Example: Okay. I'm touching WHAT. So...what job does the man have?

* Action Ball
Example: You're touching STRETCH. Let's see you touch the sky!

*At the Zoo
Example: I went to the zoo and I saw a...MONKEY. Okay, let me see you imitate one!

* Dream Ball
Example: Hmmm...If I could LIVE ANYWHERE, I would pick....

*Funny Favorites
Example: My favorite ICE CREAM FLAVOR is....

*Tell Me a Story:
Example: Once upon a time there was A STINKY SOCK...that was lost under a little boy's bed.


Bev said...

Another great idea! This would be really fun at a family reunion, with people who hadnt seen each other in awhile, to get the conversation flowing. Love it!

Bev said...
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Toni said...

Yep! As Christian homeschoolers, I could see me dividing each color into 3 sections with a black sharpie (clearly outlining and defining the borders of each section), then writing the chapter and verse of a scripture in each section. So John 3:16 might be in a section. If the student's thumb touches that, he/she must quote John 3:16 from memory. Thanks for the fun idea. LOVE your sight, and many of the ideas are great for older kids too, with modification and a bit of creativity.

Bev said...

PS Hide the sharpie when you're done - fun on a beach ball, not so much on the sofa cushions!

Keri said...

What a great idea! My goal is to teach my fun-loving middle child to identify the capital letters before school starts, and she will LOVE doing it this way!

BTW, I bookmarked your site when your sister mentioned it on her blog a while back, but I hadn't had time to explore it yet. Now I see that while it will be a great resource for me now, it would have been AWESOME to have had around when I had only one child and loads more time! :-) (My kids are 6, 3.5 and 2.) Hopefully, lots of "moms-of-one" will land here so they can use all of your great ideas!

FunMom said...

Toni- I love the Bible Verse idea! I could use a few practice rounds of that game too!! Great idea! And thanks for your support and encouragement!

Keri- I hope this works for your little girl! Thanks for exploring the site! :)


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