Munch: Movie Night Mix-it-Up

Daddy was out of town this week, so Landon and I had a couple of movie nights. In our house, summer usually means later bedtimes anyway. In honor of his absolute LOVE of popcorn, I thought that I'd post a few fun recipes that I've come across to add some pizazz to this traditional treat. 

(pictured above)

And now for the Feature Presentation...I'm curious. 
What are your favorite kid movies, and why?


Bev said...

You know my issues with popcorn - no control whatsoever, so if I make it fun colors there's likely no hope for me (which means I'll absolutely try it!). Favorite kid movie - Lion King, Wizard of Oz (which is actually a little bit creepy and Beauty and the Beast.

MommaRu said...
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MommaRu said...

Caleb loves anything with a big T-Rex. Grandma and Papa let him watch Jurassic Park and it didn't even scare him in the least. Caramel Popcorn is the best. Whoever came up with it is a genius!!

FunMom said...

A couple of my current favorites are The Leap Frog Letter Factory, Finding Nemo, and Veggie Tales, Jonah. I really like the old Curious George ones too. The one where he visits the hospital holds a special place in my heart. :)

meredith said...

WE LOVE popcorn. I like to make it the old fashioned way with some oil and kernals in a lidded pot. Yum! We enjoy the old favorites....Polyanna, Parent Trap, Swiss Family Robinson! Great movies that my husband and i enjoy watching with our kids!


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