Munch: Edible Aquariums

A yummy, fun afternoon snack for kids...of all ages.

Bran Cereal
Graham Crackers
Goldfish (or Swedish Fish)
Cream Cheese (or Frosting)
Food coloring (blue and green)

Step 1: Mix the cream cheese (or frosting) with blue food coloring. This is your water.

Note: We used cream cheese, but will use frosting next decide, but I vote that the frosting is definitely worth the calories and sugar!

Step 2: Mix the bran cereal with tiny bit of water and green food coloring. This is your underwater plant life.

Step 3: Time to Decorate! Spread your water onto a large graham cracker and then add fish, plant life, and water bubbles (cheerios).

Let your kiddo decorate their own aquarium, and they'll get creative before your eyes (this is Landon's).

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