Make: Rainbow Fish and Sharing

Sharing. If that word suddenly induced a somewhat sick feeling in your stomach, you're not alone. Teaching our children to share is not a fun lesson...for mom or child! The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Phister is a great way to introduce (or reiterate, for the 435th time) the value of this virtue. After reading the book, and working through some of the content with your kiddo, you can lighten things up with this fun craft...

Step 1. Draw something resembling the shapes above on the back of a paper plate.

Step 2. Cut out the shapes that you drew, and lay them out around another paper plate to make sure that all fins are going the right way, and are the desired size. Notice that the tail is actually face up (which is why I put a star on it in the Step 1 picture).

Step 3: Designate the left side of the plate as the face, and let your little one color that area buddy got a little carried away when I wasn't looking! :)

Step 4: Cut out small pieces of tissue paper and aluminum foil.

Step 5: When working with glue, I like to use a paintbrush to spread the stickiness. This keeps tiny fingers nice and clean, and makes a more even workspace. Apply paper and foil pieces to all areas of the fish, except the head and lips.

Step 6: Staple the pieces together, add an eye (we used a googley one), and trace the lips and head with a black marker.

Step 7. TA DA! Your kid will now willingly share with a smile! Okay, maybe not. BUT, at least you now have a visual reminder to hang in her room, of why she might want to!! :)

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