Make: Scented Stickers

These are easy, cheap, and FUN!

Kool-Aid (and water)
Container (egg crate)
Fruit images (link below)

Step 1: Click here to pull up the fruit coloring page pictured above. Print.

Step 2: Round up an assortment of fruity-flavored Kool-Aids (off brand is fine).

Step 3: Mix each packet of Kool-Aid flavor with a tiny bit of HOT water (maybe a tsp, or so). We mixed these in an egg carton. Helpful hint...label the sides of the egg carton so that you can distinguish each flavor (we did a "G" for grape, "S" for strawberry, etc.).

Step 4: Cut out your images, and glue them onto a sticky-backed label. I used large, leftover packing ones from our last move, but printer labels (like the Avery brand ones) would work well too. Allow time for the glue to dry, which will also stiffen the "sticker," giving it a more authentic texture and thickness.

Step 5: Let your little one paint their stickers with the corresponding fruity flavor. Once they are dry, you can simply peel the label backing off. Your kiddo can then proudly wear their homemade creations (and probably skip a bath too...they're gonna smell like a peach, anyway!). ;)

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