Made you Laugh: A Sticky Situation

True Story: Tuesday 6/1/10

Let me start this by saying that I'm not an overly germ-conscious person. I don't ask people to take their shoes off in my house, I only clean my bathrooms once a week, and I buy dry shampoo more than I buy the regular kind. Everyone has their limits though, and this afternoon, even my skin was crawling. Here's what happened...

Landon and I had a whole list of errands to run. We'd been to the library, the church, the post office, the ice cream store (there's got to be some reprieve!), and the tractor store. The last stop was a bit of a discount-for-good-reason clothing store where I was hoping to find some comfy, very affordable t-shirts that I could wear to do yardwork. Landon was being such a good boy! He pointed out a few interesting options for me, didn't say anything overly embarrassing when we encountered some very unique people, and sat patiently in the cart while I sifted through maimed, torn, and stained pieces of clothing. Finally, with a few possible options thrown over my arm, we headed to the dressing rooms. I hung my items on the hooks available and glanced at my watch. Realizing we should already be home for naptime, I hurriedly began trying on the slim-pickings that I had found. Yes to this one...Wow! Definitely NO to that one! Uhhh...not sure. I'll have to think about it...

See...I was in my I'm-running-late-mode (which, you may have realized by now, happens far too often) and so I didn't realize what my sweet, content, but WAY too quiet little boy was doing until he very happily said..."Mama! Look!! I found some stickers on the wall!" I struggled to quickly push my mop of yes, unwashed hair through a t-shirt that unfortunately was at least one size too small, to see horrifingly that Landon did indeed have two new stickers proudly displayed on his own t-shirt. I covered my mouth, shocked, as I got eye level to them. Worn and pilled already they said,

Swimsuit sanitation pad. Please remove before wearing.

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