Mid-Week Laugh: Falling in Love

Submitted by FunMom Melanie, from Pittsburgh

The other day I was taking a walk with my girls through our neighborhood. As I looked down at the two of them sitting in the stroller, I started thinking how fast they are growing up. Thinking outloud, I absently said, "You girls are growing up too quickly...The next thing you know you are going to fall in love and get married!” 
Avery, my three-year-old, perked up right away and confirmed my thoughts by saying, "I am going to fall in love when I get big, Mommy.” Wishing that I hadn't started this train of thought, I quickly prodded, “How do you think you fall in love, Avery?” In a sweet, but very sure, little voice she said, “First I am going to fall down. Then I'm gonna love somebody. That’s how you do it, Mommy!”

 I love the innocence of children! 
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