St. Patrick's Day Lessons

1. Shamrock Shirt was super fun and easy to make! Landon was so, so proud of it! Note to self year I should try to slow down enough to remember to wear green myself. Landon broke into tears in the middle of Chic-fil-a because he was so sad that someone might pinch me. He's a little tender-hearted...

2. Lucky Charms do not make good necklaces! One, I repeat, one of the 15 shapes that make up the cereal actually has a hole to string a piece of yarn through. AND, that one piece is not even a marshmallow. BUT, being that every shape is still packed with sugar, 3-year-old little boys are just as happy to just eat them out of a bowl.

3. Green Alfredo was a hit, though it looked a bit scary, and my husband and father-in-law were great sports! :)


Bev said...

We used fruit loops to make necklaces and they work great - maybe for Easter since they're all spring colors? And I LOVE how tender hearted he is - he's right there with Caiden in that way.

Kristi said...

Good lessons to know! Thanks for sharing your fun ideas :).


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