Egg-actly What I Was Looking For!

If my St. Patrick's Day activities didn't give it away...I love holidays! I love celebrating, and living up the mystery and wonder of special days with little ones around. It is most important to me though, of course, that my family knows the reasons for those seasons. If you are like me, and believe that egg hunts and an empty tomb can coexist on the same Sunday, this is a great book for your family! Michelle Medlock Adams does a wonderful job of engaging little ones, while she thoroughly covers that our Easter traditions (eggs, bunnies, pretty dresses) are all due to the resurrection of Jesus.
It's egg-actly what I was looking for!


Bev said...

I wish I'd had this when you were all growing up - I love being able to connect the modern day celebrating with the real reason for the holiday. Sweet stuff.

Sarah said...

Super cute, Les! I haven't seen this one--and please reassure Landon that we WILL have Easter eggs, I promise!!


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