Monday: St.Patrick's Day T-Shirt

Step 1:
T-Shirt, Shamrock Foam Shapes, Green Fabric Paint

Step 2:
Paint foam shapes with fabric paint.
Place shamrock shape on T-shirt upside down. Press firmly.
Gently lift foam shape.

Step 3:
Smiles, definite!
Kisses optional.


Bev said...

Which is cuter - the t-shirt or the grin. Hands down the grin. And is the red kissing lips for 'kiss me, I'm irish'? Stinkin' cute!

My Purpose: said...

Thanks! He was so, so proud to wear it for a few minutes before bedtime tonight! He was appalled that people might pinch him if he doesn't wear green on "Saint Paddacks Day," but loved the idea that he might get extra kisses if he sported this shirt! :)

Bev said...

I used to dread March 17 because I knew I'd get pinched at school if I forgot - and it seemed, having four brothers, even when I wore green, they someone 'didn't notice' and pinched the heck out of me anyway.


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