Make: Treasured Turkey

One of the best parts of decorating for Christmas is pulling memories out of boxes. For me, this means ornaments my husband made in Kindergarten, a 25-year-old nativity sheep missing two legs (thanks to my childhood Golden Retriever), and a picture of my little boy as a slumpy, sleepy infant on Santa's knee. Why not add some sentiment to Thanksgiving too? Landon and I made this picture last year...there's not much to it, but it made me smile to pull it out of storage last week. I held it for a minute remembering us making it chubby his sweet little fingers proud he was to show it to Daddy later that night. And then, I marveled at how much he's grown in the last year! I found it a place of prominence in our house, where it's bringing smiles to others' faces. :)

Step 1: Cover your child's hand in either paint or stamp ink. Help them press firmly onto the paper.

Step 2: Use paint or stamp ink to add a red thumbprint below Turkey's head. 

Step 3: Add legs, beak, eye, and year it was done.

Step 4: Frame. Display. Remember.  

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Bev said...

Do you remember if he made us one last year? If so, I'll dig for it. If not, I think we need one!


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