Make: A Very-Hairy Beard

This year Landon wanted to be a viking for Halloween. Sort-of random, but very Landon. He's just quirky like that. I actually think he might get it from his mama...Ha!

 We found the hat on sale without a problem at a Halloween store (though shielding precious, innocent eyes at said store was a bit difficult...Yikes!). 

Next, I took Landon to Jo-Ann Fabrics to help me pick out the material for the body of the costume. He liked the hairiest they had (because it "looked like a bear"). I simply folded it in half, cut a hole in it for his head, threw it over his shoulders, and then tied a piece of rope around his waist. I hot glued the extra material to a pair of rubber boats. 

The only thing missing was a beard. A viking has to have a beard. 

I priced them (wow!), and then decided it was time to get crafty!

1 piece of felt
The hairiest yarn you can find
Glue (Note: Hot Glue works MUCH better than Tacky Glue)

1. Cut felt into a beard shape that fits your child's face (mouth and nose). 

2. Cut/divide hairy yarn into several big "chunks". Individual strands will get messy, will take much longer to apply, and won't give the desired effect as well as big sections. 

3. Cover an area of felt with hot glue. Immediately apply a section of yarn to the area. Press firmly. 

4. When beard is covered with yarn, trim away stray pieces (especially around mouth and nose area). 

5. Attach a piece of elastic to top of each side (I sewed ours on, but hot glue could work). 

Cheap ($3.80). Easy. FUN!


MommaRu said...

Caleb thinks he looks cool!!

Bev said...

I want to have a dress up box for when grandkids visit, and think the next time they're here we can make two or three of these to have on hand. actually, the week after Hallowen is probably a great time to pick up princess, knight, etc costumes just for that.


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