Make: Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins

I did this experiment for my MOPS group yesterday, and it received a round of applause in approval! So, I'm passing along to you, my fellow fun moms, the trick(s) to making an amazing, jaw-dropping, Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin. 

1. White pumpkins glow brighter.

2. Plaid Glo Away ($4.99 at Walmart) is the best glow paint for the money. Good stuff!

3. Use a "sponging" technique when applying  your paint. 

4. Do two coats, but make sure they're completely dry before handling.

Personal Recommendation: A glowing pumpkin makes a REALLY fun nightlight!


Bev said...

If I do this I won't even have to carve the pumpkin, which I've never really loved (all that gooey stuff inside). But to paint several and set them out by our doorstep would be SUCH fun - what a great idea!

Ginny said...

Okay... 2 minutes into your blog (via Women Living Well) and I already know what I'm doing tomorrow with my toddler. Trip to Wally, then glo-painting those pumpkins.

I have a feeling I'll be awake until an unholy hour, reading your posts.


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