A Simple Little Pair of Wings

A Simple Little Pair of Wings...

* will probably cost you nothing.
* will allow your little one to paint, color, and glue with no inhibitions.
* is a great opportunity to introduce your child to scissors.
* can give you quality one-on-one time with your little pickle.
* is super easy to make (see below)!
* will very likely become a precious keepsake (which you could store here).
* will allow you to end your day with that I-was-a-great-mom-today feeling.
* will provide your child with hours of entertainment...while using his imagination!
* is guaranteed to make both of you smile!

Directions for Mama: Cut out two wings (I used large scrapbooking paper). Set up a little supply station for your kiddo to decorate the wings (markers, scissors, scrap paper, stickers, glue, glitter, paint, etc). This is the best part...enjoy it! When it's gorgeous, put two holes in each wing with a hole puncher. These should be on the sides that will touch each other; one near the top of the wing, one near the bottom. Finally, thread a large piece of ribbon or string through the four holes, and tie the two ends together. This will make a large loop that your little one's arms can slip right into. Presto! Wings!


Bev said...

How old is too old for wings? Could I maybe make Dad a pair, for his last day of work - he's ready to fly the coop! Maybe I could use scrapbook paper with fish and stuff on it!

Sarah said...

#1. Mom is nuts.

#2. Your idea is brilliant.

#3. That jacket is SNAPPY! ;)


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