Portable Portfolio

This one! I definitely want to keep this one!

Awww...and this one too! I have to save this one!

Solution: A simple, portable, cheap portfolio with just enough room to store a few of our favorite creations from each of his precious preschool years.


Bev said...

Seriously - even though our baby is 27, I can still go back and put them in order this way. Again, if you'd come up with this when you were about five it would have been extremely helpful to me. Maybe that's why you did come up with it - because your childhood artwork is a big mess, stuffed in a box with no order.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Love this! I'd found some cute art portfolios at Michael's and was using my 40% off coupon, but this is even better and easier! Thanks for sharing.


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