Bathtub Art: Good, Clean Fun!

Off-brand shaving cream: $3

Paper cups: $1

Food Coloring: $2

Foam Paintbrushes: $1

This Smile: Priceless


Dan and Janae said...

SOO cute and oh SOO creative!!!

Bev said...

Where do you get these great ideas? Why didnt you think of them when you were little and we could have enjoyed them. That face? You're right - priceless. That would be a really cute birthday present, all bagged together!

Barb said...

I am sooo passing this on to Krissy. Cameron and Avery would love it.

What a cute idea!

Aunt Barb

Sarah said...

Now that's a funny face! Hilarious!!

Question: did the color come off the grout? Because I remember a certain someone who gave Caiden Elmo paints that didn't . . .

My Purpose: said...

HA! I knew that you would bring that up, Poppy! The tile was fine (I actually don't really have any grout to speak of though...bathroom redo is in the near future). The blue forehead and green shoulder did take a little bit of extra scrubbing, but were worth it! :)

Gretchen said...


Here from your mom's blawg. Darling idea. Darling boy-wonder.


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