Move: Wii are more ways than one!

The new year has brought quite a few new prospects, possibilities, and projects into my life. Rather than making a list of resolutions, I began 2011 making a very exciting, but very daunting To-Do list...paint my trim (again), call a realtor, begin clearing out my cluttered basement, look into school systems 2,700 miles away. Needless to say, while there has still been time for fun in our home, it has been a little less planned out and rarely photographed.

So, I haven't created personal resolutions this January (no time for that type of deep reflection), but I have determined that winter is hard on little boys...and therefore, moms. Or maybe it's just us...but I bet there's some mom out there that will agree with me, right?!? My kiddo seems to hit a point mid-day when he simply cannot contain his pent up energy anymore, and despite the fact that the couches have never really interested him before, he suddenly sees them in a new, exciting, and opportunistic light....and his body goes flaying over them. Again. And again. And again. So, I have resolved to find a way every day to help my kiddo have some physical fun...for all our sakes (that being his, mine, and the couches).

So here's a simple way that we're moving around here. For this particular activity, it doesn't even matter if the weather outside is frightful! We're movin together, and loving more ways than one! :)

For more on Wii games can get kids moving, and families connecting click here.


So Very Domestic said...

I looooocve playing Wii! With the kids and yes, even without them! :P

Bev said...

WE tried to get the video to play, alas did not work. We'll let him have a go at ours when you come for your next visit!

Bev said...

Hoorah - perseverance paid off - we got it to play. Such fun!


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