Make: Heart Art

At least once a week I try to do a crafty little project with Landon. Paint is definitely his favorite medium...I'm sure you're surprised. :) If you're brave enough to pop those acrylic caps, here's a fun way to decorate your house with genuine love this Valentines Day.

Step 1:
Let your child paint a large piece of paper. We used red, brown, and white.The great thing about this project is there are no "lines" to stay inside of, or particular shapes or outlines to create. Just let your little one enjoy covering the paper with color!

Helpful hint: Paper Plates make great paint trays (in a home or in a classroom).

Step 2:
Trace various sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters all over your child's painting. If your child is old enough, he or she can do this step too. The more mixed colors, the better!

Step 3:
Cut out the hearts and find fun ways to display them around your house! Here's my favorite way to show off Landon's love-ly art!


travisandreba said...

super cute and fun!!!

Bev said...

Our framed hearts are proudly sitting on our kitchen table, the only Valentine's decoration we have, and we're pretty tickled with it. Super cute, and I love those chubby little hands holding that paint brush so intently.

Sarah said...

Hey, Sister, those are so cute! I especially love the framed one and am definitely stealing this idea to do with the kids on V-Day. Thanks, former art teacher :)
p.s. Do you remember the art teacher from P'ville middle school? What was her name? The one who said Santa and Satan have the same letters, and that Smurfs were little blue devils--did you have her???

Sarah said...

p.s. again--I love your sidebar! Super cute photos. Who did the drawing of the stick figure/heart?

Dan and Janae said...

What a sweet project for little Landon! I can't wait to do these with Jae Beth one day!

Bev said...

Ms. Whynot - she didnt spell it that way, but remember when the kid asked her, "Why not, Ms. Whynot' and she got super mad? No idea what her first name was but I'll never forget her last!

Kristi said...

What a cute idea! I just came over from your sister's blog and cannot wait to read more when I have time :). By the way, do you have any good St. Patrick's Day craft ideas in the works?!

My Purpose: said...

Hi, Kristi. Nice to meet you! St. Patrick's Day...I bet I can come up with something. I'll try to have it posted at least a week before the big day. :)

Anonymous said...

Really like this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

We loved this! My kids are older (9, 7, and 4) so we printed out hearts from this link they painted them with red, pink, and brownish-red. We also sprinkled white glitter on them that was left over from Christmas. They had so much fun that we have garlands all over our house!
Thank you!

Bev said...

I'd so love to have a string of these for my kitchen window, or somewhere. Super sweet. Maybe when Landon's here I can talk him into making some for me, even if Valentine's is already gone by.

Anna said...

Hi, lovely! I did something similar here and here
So much fun and it creates a loving atmosphere in the house.


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