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FunMoms is so happy to introduce Marcie from!! She has a GREAT idea to share with us. Spoiler alert: If my little boy is friends with your child, THIS is what he or she will be getting from Landon this Christmas...Cute. Easy. Practical. Affordable! It doesn't get better than that! Thanks, Marcie!

This past week I have seen cutsie crayons popping up all over the web! I thought I would try them and see if I could make a few for Christmas gifts for the little ones. I tried it and I LOVE it! It's super easy to make and fun!

Crayons (Box of 64 for $1 @ Dollar Tree)
Ribbon and jewels (craft room)
Silicone Bakeware (mine cost $2.50 @ Target)
Step 1
Peel all the wrappings off the crayons. This is the longest process of the project... don't do it alone! I took a ton of crayons to the youth and asked for their help before church. 
Step 2 Break the crayons into small pieces {the smaller the pieces the better they will blend}. You can use the same color or mix colors. For thick crayons fill to the top of the shape, for skinnier ones only fill half way in the shape.

Step 3
Place in the oven at 200 degrees for approx. 20 minutes. I checked on the crayons and stirred them about halfway through. Once the crayons are completely melted remove the bakeware from the oven. Let the crayons cool completely before getting them out.

Here's what they look like when their cooled off! So cute, I can't wait to give these to my kids!

You can also fancy it up a little with some ribbon on hand and a jewel!
Marcie says, "I'm a girl who has been undeservedly saved by grace through Jesus Christ. I've been a wife for four years and love serving God through my home. It's my passion not to waste my life but, to make it count for the glory of God. Therefore,I am seeking to do this in every area of my life including my role in the home. I want to encourage women who are homemakers to use this delightful occupation for the glory of God."


Bev said...

Oh my goodness is this the cutest idea? I have to give this a try!

MommaRu said...

Super cool!!


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