Children's Museum

I'm in between trips this week. I got home from Turks and Caicos on Sunday night, and leave this Saturday for Dallas to meet my sweet new niece, Jae Beth. Yes, there will be pictures, coming! Can't wait!

Though both trips are wonderful, it's quite a bit of time for my little pickle and I to be apart. We're typically somewhat joined at the hip. Literally. Which should cause you to raise your eyebrows at least a little bit, because he is not a light boy!! Anyway...

I decided we should do something extra special this week, and venture into the city for the day. Landon was squealing in the backseat as we pulled up to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. This could have been because of the unbelievably amazing outdoor jungle gym that he saw...he didn't, however, seem to notice (or care) that it was completely desolate and covered with snow. After explaining what Spring is, we headed inside...

Pittsburgh was Mr. Roger's home, and the bottom floor of the museum has been recreated to look like his infamous living room. His real shoes, piano, and even blue cardigan were all on display! Landon loved driving the life-size trolley, and climbing inside King Friday's castle. Upstairs we climbed rope ladders "high into the sky", created sparkly purple paper, painted a masterpiece, fished for magnetic octopuses, went down huge twirly slides, laughed as we tried to walk in sideways rooms, made virtual puppets, and shared a box of Swedish Fish.

Nothing like relishing my little boy for an afternoon!

PS. Check it out...even the website is really fun!


Bev said...

Okay first - you HAVE to promise you will keep up this posting after we move so that I can stand it. I will still hate it but if I can see photos of him in little yellow raincoats it will help. A lot.

And - he's so cute in that yellow raincoat I think he should wear it at least once a week, although I realize it probably belongs to the museum and you would have been arrested for taking it home, but possibly you could buy him one? Then take photos of him in it, and post them? He told me about the twirly slides last night - a three year old version of them anyway.

My Purpose: said...

He does look pretty cute, huh?

And the slides were actually pretty scary! One was crazy fast, and the other was SO twirly and tight that me, Landon, and my purse couldn't all go down together. We came down as three seperate bodies...with my cell phone and keys rolling behind it all!

I'm not making any future posting promises, but I will try to do a little better...

Dan and Janae said...



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